Discover The Secret of A Recession Proof Business

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Some will tell you that today’s economy is unfavorable for all home businesses… I disagree. Why? Because, my type of business is recession proof! Try to wrap your head around the concept of helping people find opportunities to help others!! That’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

Currently, I’m in a partnership with my husband who focuses on our alliances, business development and support; which compliments the time I put into building our marketing campaigns and training inexperienced and experienced entrepreneurs in our business.

The economy is likely to continue to slow down amid rising prices, housing woes, credit crises, not to mention that more people are signing up for unemployment benefits, which is reinforcing the fact the job market is going to continue to soften as the economy loses momentum.

If people are losing jobs and are not able to find new ones, where do they go? Unless they choose to apply for unemployment benefits, which is “giving up” from my perspective… they must source an opportunity to generate income for themselves and their families!

Starting a business after you lose your job is mind boggling for some and understandably so, given the associated costs with starting a franchise like McDonalds, Dunken Donuts, Subway amongst others.

Good News! There’s an opportunity to start your own business and work from home for minimum startup. , a business dedicated to teaching and assisting home-based business owners. provides the information that individuals need to create a successful, independent business. The business is based around a turnkey marketing system that allows individuals to earn commissions and residuals through the sale of financial education. The site’s up-front commission structure lets profits come to them a lot faster. I believe that with proper marketing and mentoring, a new entrepreneur in can earn upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 in the first month or more.

There are many reasons that individuals are turning to entrepreneurial opportunities such as People are tired of living the rat race for major corporations and desire the free time and increased quality of life that home-based businesses offer. With home-based business opportunities such a, individuals have the freedom to live on their own terms and be their own bosses.’s marketing system backend includes everything needed to succeed with this opportunity, including Web site landing pages; autoresponders for e-mailing leads and clients; recorded calls from leading marketing experts; training calls for all areas of the business; and a virtual office for tracking sales reports, team progress and company news releases. Individuals have the opportunity to choose what level of the business they would like to join; the higher the entry point, the greater the commissions and residuals moving forward. The key is that an up-front commission system enables entrepreneurs to sustain their businesses and motivates them to commit. Because our home-based entrepreneurs are put in a positive profit position, they can take their time and build a business the right way, staying in the black and receiving profits.

Another benefit of’s system is that it is unlike any other automated system in the industry. Many home-based business owners cite the inability to close as their major reason for failure. With the system available from, once a customer goes through the system and fills in their information, a professional follows up and closes the deal, meaning an entrepreneur without closing skills gets to sit back while someone with greater expertise closes the sale.

Most Internet network marketers drop out of programs within 90 days. This isn’t long enough to see results, and of course, residual income usually trickles in at relatively small amounts over a long period of time. Because of this, new representatives don’t make enough profits to cover costs up front so they can remain in business over the long haul. This is where direct sales programs like the one offered by’s differ. Instead of using types of residual payment plans, the representative is paid directly and up front, all at once, by the customer, while the parent company takes care of customer service and product fulfillment.  

For more information about or its turnkey home-based business opportunity, visit

To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald






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How Starting Your Own Home Business Affects Your Family

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For parents, one of the biggest benefits of starting your own home business is getting to be at home with your children.  But many end up feeling guilty for working too much and not spending time with their kids.  While you’re working, you feel bad for “neglecting” your children.  While you’re with your kids, you can’t get your mind off work.  Can you balance your family and your business? 

1.  Hire a babysitter for one or two days if you can afford it. Give yourself a break – when people go to their jobs, they’re not expected to raise the children and take care of the house. 

2.  Don’t compare yourself to other parents.  You’re in a different position – not worse, not better, just different.  You can raise your children successfully while running a business.

3.  Keep in mind that children are better off with happy parents who are doing something worthwhile and fulfilling to them.

4.  Schedule time with your children.  You’d make time to meet with a client, make  time to play with your kids.  You need breaks occasionally – use them to play a quick game or read a book together.  You’ll be more refreshed when you get back to work.


You can have your family and be successful starting your own home business too. It can be difficult at times, but so is anything worth doing.  Take the time to figure out what schedule works for you, and you’ll discover that things will flow much more smoothly.


To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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Starting Your Own Home Business Gives You a Lifestyle of Choice

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You wake up in the morning at the crack of dawn. You rush through your morning routine and grab an energy bar and cup of coffee as you head out the door. You work at your job, earning money for the company while making a list of things that you need to remember to do in the few hours you have to yourself after work. You head home, rush to finish the household chores, and after a few minutes of relaxation, set the alarm clock and fall asleep, ready to repeat the entire process the next morning.

This is the typical lifestyle of someone who is just trying to get by and pay their monthly bills. Those who want to achieve more, however, would do better to work for themselves. Starting your own home business affords you the ability to live the way that you’d like. It’s not as luxurious as some believe, and you still have to spend a good portion of your time working, especially when you are just starting your own home business, but you’re working for yourself. You choose which hours during the day you work, allowing you to stay up and work later in the evening, and get up later in the day. When you work for yourself, you’re the boss calling the shots.

To Your Success,

Sandra MacDonald

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Essential Network Marketing Questions

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If you are thinking of participating in a network marketing business opportunity, gather all the information you can.  Here are some important questions to ask: 

·     What product will you be selling?  Is it something that customers want or need? 

·     What kind of support can you count on?  For example, if you are not a natural born salesperson, how can the network marketing opportunity help you with this aspect of your business?  Can they provide leads or help with marketing and advertising?

·     Who is your upline?  Who is sponsoring you?  Ask them about their income and how long it took to start making money.  They should be willing to tell you because that is part of why you decide to participate.

·     When will you start to recoup your initial investment?  While it may take a long time to make a living at your business, you should start to see income flow in a few weeks, if there is sufficient demand for your product. 

·     Are you committed to the product and is the system duplicable? 

If you plan on doing this, banking a bunch of money, and retiring in a few months, you may be surprised!  It takes work and dedication to make your network marketing business succeed.  If you are committed to the long haul, you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding! 

Drop me a line if you need a voice of reason.


To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald


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Getting Out of the Rat Race with Legitimate Work At Home business

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If you’ve been trying to pull yourself away from corporate America, you know that legitimate work at home businesses are not easy to find. There are tons of websites out there promoting a “real work at home business opportunity”, but the majority of them are simply trying to make a quick buck themselves. When you’re tired of working in the corporate world, it can be very frustrating to keep getting the run around.

Why to Work from Home

Though it may sound possible, work at home businesses are not necessarily for everyone. Some people thrive on working in a stressful environment. They enjoy being told exactly what to do every minute of the work day and like to know that their supervisor is the one who is truly in charge of everything. Independent-minded people, however, thrive when a real work at home business opportunity becomes available. They like knowing that they have the freedom to work at their own pace and that they have an unlimited earning potential once they have rolled out their small business plan.

Some believe that the only people who long to work at home are those who have children. While work at home businesses can be ideal for those who have young children at home, they can be just as perfect for someone who has no children. A work at home business opportunity gives you the ability to be able to earn a much higher wage (much higher income potential) than what is offered in your current job, whether you live in a remote town or in the bright lights of the big cities, can remove a large amount of stress from your day.

What Corporate American Does

When you work in corporate America, you are giving up a lot of your time and as a result you are impacting the quality of your life significantly. We no longer live in a time where you can work 40 hours a week and earn enough to support yourself and your family. Now, if you want to be able to get ahead of your debt with the hope of breaking even, you need to commit a minimum of 60 hours of office time, and should plan on spending an unlimited amount of time working from home on your projects as well. When you create a small business plan and become your own boss, you are the one in charge of controlling how much you earn and how much you work. Many who work at home eventually experience the balanced life which includes time with the family, friends, exercising and doing all the things they enjoy most; while Corporate America exhausts itself. Although it can be hard to believe, work at home jobs do exist, and they can be the answer that you are searching for, allowing you to quit your stressful corporate job and to live the life you want on your terms.


To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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