Work at Home Business Opportunity

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Questions about Your Work at Home Business Opportunity 

There is a lot to do before you pursue your work at home business opportunity; one of the most important is to gather all the information you can.   Here are some questions to ask: 

· How much money do I need to start?  You need to know so you can plan or obtain additional funding if necessary.

· What is my likely income?  How long will it take you to break even and make a profit?  This is important because your livelihood may depend on making a certain amount – but be prepared to work before you start seeing money come in.

·Will I receive training and support?  Some opportunities are better than others; does your work at home business opportunity provide the help you need?

·What are the rules regarding advertising?  Some business opportunities have strict limitations on where and how you can advertise.  Knowing ahead of time will allow you to plan.

·Are there any other rules or regulations you should know about?  This is helpful for planning purposes and so you can see if the opportunity is really right for you.

 Ask all the questions that you can think of: information is a powerful ally when you are pursuing a work a home business opportunity.   

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To Your Success,

Sandra MacDonald






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Home Business Plan #1 Strategy

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The business world moves at a breakneck pace.  Why bother to write a Home business plan when it will quickly become outdated?  A business plan allows you to gain a thorough understanding of your industry, competitors, and market, as well as your own goals and strategies.  To make sure it stays relevant, you need to continually monitor you plan. 

Just like your body needs checkups, so does your home business plan.  Set aside time regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) to review your goals and determine how much progress you’ve made towards achieving them. 

If your business needs have changed, revise your business plan to reflect these changes.  For example, if you’ve made excellent progress in one area but lag behind meeting your objectives in another, you can revise your plan to include more strategies and timelines for the latter.  Also, have your funding needs changed?  Have other areas of the network marketing industry changed that require you to rethink how you do business?  Now is the time to plan how to meet these new realities.   

home business plan is not like homework: when you’re done, you don’t just stick it in a drawer and forget about it.  It is a document that grows and changes with your business and should continue to be a valuable tool for you. 



To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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The Law of Attraction Will Help Your Home Business

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Do you want to start your own home business, but are scared to give it a shot? You’re not alone. Every year, thousands of people will say that they would like to begin their own business but go through the exhausting task of sourcing and qualifying a legitimate work at home opportunity and they are unsure how to do it. They feel as though starting their own business would be like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. If you have a good mentor that helps guide you as a compliment to your business plan, along with your dedication to “The Law of Attraction”, you will discover that starting your own home business and working from home is not as difficult as it may sound.

Making a Plan

The first thing that you should do when starting your own home business is to make a plan, for without a plan you can have no path to follow. Many feel as though they do not have a legitimate business idea or the drive to follow through, and as a result choose to stay with their current employer and remain unhappy. The Law of Attraction teaches that if you are patient and tell the world what you would like, you will be able to receive what you wish. This, however, does not mean that you can just sit back and wait for money to magically appear at your feet. What it means is that you have to let the universe know what it is you wish and be willing to listen to the world and take the chance to be your own boss when the opportunity presents itself.

Network Marketing

Some entrepreneurs have a difficult time understanding the various techniques and options for achieving success in network marketing and because they are unsure of exactly what it is, they feel as though they will not be able to start their own business successfully. Network marketing is simply the action of lining up important contacts, whether they’re business contacts, prospects, clients who can help you on your journey to become self sufficient and successful. Some people choose to network with other entrepreneurs, while others choose to set up networking marketing with legitimate work at home opportunities. The point is that networking is fairly simple, particularly when you apply the “Law of Attraction” to networking marketing, you will find that the right people and opportunities will gravitate to you.

No one will deny that becoming your own boss and being an entrepreneur is a challenge. What separates those who want to be their own boss from those who are their own boss, is often the people that believe and apply the Law of Attraction to their lives.

To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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How Starting Your Own Home Business Affects Your Family

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For parents, one of the biggest benefits of starting your own home business is getting to be at home with your children.  But many end up feeling guilty for working too much and not spending time with their kids.  While you’re working, you feel bad for “neglecting” your children.  While you’re with your kids, you can’t get your mind off work.  Can you balance your family and your business? 

1.  Hire a babysitter for one or two days if you can afford it. Give yourself a break – when people go to their jobs, they’re not expected to raise the children and take care of the house. 

2.  Don’t compare yourself to other parents.  You’re in a different position – not worse, not better, just different.  You can raise your children successfully while running a business.

3.  Keep in mind that children are better off with happy parents who are doing something worthwhile and fulfilling to them.

4.  Schedule time with your children.  You’d make time to meet with a client, make  time to play with your kids.  You need breaks occasionally – use them to play a quick game or read a book together.  You’ll be more refreshed when you get back to work.


You can have your family and be successful starting your own home business too. It can be difficult at times, but so is anything worth doing.  Take the time to figure out what schedule works for you, and you’ll discover that things will flow much more smoothly.


To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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The Next Generation Career is Network Marketing

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There are challenges and rewards for every industry, and network marketing is no different.  Here are some of the advantages you can expect from owning your own network marketing business: 

·     There is a small start-up fee.  This is crucial to aspiring business owners on a budget.

·     You don’t need a MBA to be successful at network marketing.  The structure of network marketing provides lots of support and help from other members. The common saying holds true: “You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself.”

·     You are working off an established business model.  There is no need for expensive and time-consuming trial and error.  Find out what works – and what doesn’t – from others in the industry.

·     You benefit when your downlines succeed!  This is called “leverage.”  Whenever one of your downlines makes a sale, you receive a commission.  The best part is that it doesn’t take away from the downline’s profit! It’s a win-win situation.

·     Of course you also receive the benefits of owning your own business: flexible schedules, more freedom and control over your life, more time with your family, less cost associated with working (commute, day care, etc.). 

 Owning your own home business is challenging but can be very rewarding.  From low start up costs to ongoing support, network marketing is an opportunity not to be passed on.


 Just make sure you’re ready to apply yourself!

To Your Success,

Sandra MacDonald

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Work at Home Business Opportunity: What You Need to Know

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When you are considering which work at home business opportunity is right for you, you have to weed out the money makers from the money takers.  One way to do this is to see if they offer all the information to which you are entitled.  Here are some things to look for on websites or to request before you start any type of home based business: 

·     The FTC requires that those selling business opportunities provide a disclosure document ten days before you pay or agree to purchase.  This document is to provide written information regarding the business.  If you don’t receive a disclosure document, check with the FTC to see if the business is exempt.


·     In the disclosure document, the business is required to provide names and addresses of others who have purchased the opportunity.  Contact them to get their opinion on the franchise or business opportunity.


·     Businesses offering opportunities must also substantiate any income claims.  If they make claims about how much you are likely to make they are required to provide documentation based on current owners’ earnings.


If a business is promoting a legitimate work at home business opportunity, they will be happy to provide this information for you.  Make sure to ask so you can be fully informed before deciding on any course of action. 

To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

 P.S I provide all of this information and MORE!

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Do you have the Entrepreneurial Spirit?

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If you’re committed to succeeding at a legitimate work at home business, you may have considered starting your own business.  After all, what is more legitimate than a business you work hard to build?  Before dreams of wealth and independence take over, take some time to consider if you are the entrepreneurial type.  It takes a special person to own and operate a business; is it right for you?  Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest with yourself!


Are you willing to deal with the stress and uncertainty that any new business owner feels?  You are taking a lot of risk on your shoulders – can you thrive under that pressure?

Would you rather be happy and do something you love or continue to work in a stagnant environment just because of the regular paycheck? 

Are you detail-oriented enough to handle everyday tasks and big picture-oriented to maintain a vision for where you want your business to go?

Are you organized, focused, and motivated?

Are you a people-person?  You need great people skills to attract and retain clients.  But are you also able to work independently without being surrounded by coworkers?


Succeeding at a legitimate work at home business can be difficult. If you have the right personality and resolve to succeed, you can make it as an at-home entrepreneur.


To Your Success,


Sandra MacDonald


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Starting Your Own Home Business Gives You a Lifestyle of Choice

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You wake up in the morning at the crack of dawn. You rush through your morning routine and grab an energy bar and cup of coffee as you head out the door. You work at your job, earning money for the company while making a list of things that you need to remember to do in the few hours you have to yourself after work. You head home, rush to finish the household chores, and after a few minutes of relaxation, set the alarm clock and fall asleep, ready to repeat the entire process the next morning.

This is the typical lifestyle of someone who is just trying to get by and pay their monthly bills. Those who want to achieve more, however, would do better to work for themselves. Starting your own home business affords you the ability to live the way that you’d like. It’s not as luxurious as some believe, and you still have to spend a good portion of your time working, especially when you are just starting your own home business, but you’re working for yourself. You choose which hours during the day you work, allowing you to stay up and work later in the evening, and get up later in the day. When you work for yourself, you’re the boss calling the shots.

To Your Success,

Sandra MacDonald

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Best Tips for Successful Network Marketing

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How can you make your network marketing venture profitable and successful?  Read on for some useful tips: 

·     Choose the right opportunity for you.  Make sure you are committing yourself to a product or company that you believe in.  If you’re not, your business will never make it.

·     Complete all the training that is offered by the MLM.  Not all, but some uplines know what they’re doing! Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.  Put their plans into action.

·     Take the time to train and teach your downlines.  No one benefits if you bring in a new person and then abandon him.  Give your downlines the same attention, training, and help you received when you first started.  It is easy to get “too busy.”  Don’t let this happen: you could end someone else’s dream of business ownership and lose money yourself.

·     Have realistic expectations.  No new business lets the owner sit back and relax while money flows in.  Be prepared to work at network marketing to make it work for you.


You can make it in network marketing!  You just need to do your research first and make sure that the system is duplicable! This is required to have others succeed with you.


To Your Success,

Sandra MacDonald

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Are You the Work at Home Type?

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Finding legitimate work at home business requires effort and determination, but the returns are enormous.  From increased freedom to reduced costs, the ability to work at home is a dream for some people. There are a few things, however, that you should keep in mind before you go on the prowl for a legitimate work at home business.


Are you a self-starter?  It takes initiative to work at home.  You are you own boss and have to decide when to work. Are you disciplined enough to tackle these duties without someone telling you to?


Are you easily distracted?  If you are constantly distracted by emails, IM, family, or household tasks, you may find that you are more productive in a traditional office setting.  If, however, you can put aside daily distractions and focus, working at home can be both beneficial and rewarding.


Can you go without office gossip?  You will be more reliant on your own good company.  This may sound insignificant, but it is vital to working at home.  If you need the constant reassurance of other people, working at home may not be right for you.


Working at a legitimate work at home business takes discipline, the rewards, however, make working at home an appealing situation for all.



To Your Future,


Sandra MacDonald


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