Are You 100% Ready for a Work At Home Business Opportunity?

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Before you take the plunge and pursue a work at home business opportunity, make sure you’re ready.  Are you up to the challenge that running your own business involves? 

Start by being honest about your strengths and weaknesses.  You need to be the boss, the office manager, the accountant, and the computer tech all rolled into one – can you handle these responsibilities?  If not, is there anyone with whom you can share the responsibilities? 

Don’t just think about your business, commit it to paper.  Having an abstract idea is one thing; planning a business that will succeed is another.  Have a working plan of what you hope to accomplish, the money and supplies you need, and a timeline for meeting goals is important so you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your work at home business opportunity

Think about the support that you have in place.  Do you have friend or a person that you can turn to for an opinion?  If you select the right work at home business opportunity you should have a mentor within that business that guides you in the initial stages of your business development. These details are vital to your success. 

A work at home business opportunity can be the answer to all your prayers; take some time before you start to plan and prepare.  It will make your business stronger. 

To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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Want to Work at Home? Business Opportunity Tips

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Your work at home business opportunity can be the way for you to make your dreams of freedom and self-sufficiency come true.  Make the most of it by doing the following: 

·    Learn all you can about the industry in which you are joining. You do not need to be an expert on anything in order to start your own business, but the more you learn, the more prepared you will be to clearly see the upsides and downsides of your business. Being prepared is the key to successful business ownership.

·     Have a “big picture” for your business. Where do you want your business to go?  How do you plan on turning a work at home business opportunity into a real success? 

·     Think about what you need to make that big picture a reality.  Support from mentor and or friends? Funding? Time? Dedication? Do you have all of these things in place?

·     Ask yourself, “Am I ready to leave my comfort zone?” Starting a business involves a lot of risk. 

·     Surround yourself with positive people! You can often find comfort and support from others, particularly other entrepreneurs.   

Your work at home business opportunity requires a lot of time and effort. Take some time to prepare yourself for true success! 

 To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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Work at Home Business Opportunity: What You Need to Know

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When you are considering which work at home business opportunity is right for you, you have to weed out the money makers from the money takers.  One way to do this is to see if they offer all the information to which you are entitled.  Here are some things to look for on websites or to request before you start any type of home based business: 

·     The FTC requires that those selling business opportunities provide a disclosure document ten days before you pay or agree to purchase.  This document is to provide written information regarding the business.  If you don’t receive a disclosure document, check with the FTC to see if the business is exempt.


·     In the disclosure document, the business is required to provide names and addresses of others who have purchased the opportunity.  Contact them to get their opinion on the franchise or business opportunity.


·     Businesses offering opportunities must also substantiate any income claims.  If they make claims about how much you are likely to make they are required to provide documentation based on current owners’ earnings.


If a business is promoting a legitimate work at home business opportunity, they will be happy to provide this information for you.  Make sure to ask so you can be fully informed before deciding on any course of action. 

To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

 P.S I provide all of this information and MORE!

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Getting Out of the Rat Race with Legitimate Work At Home business

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If you’ve been trying to pull yourself away from corporate America, you know that legitimate work at home businesses are not easy to find. There are tons of websites out there promoting a “real work at home business opportunity”, but the majority of them are simply trying to make a quick buck themselves. When you’re tired of working in the corporate world, it can be very frustrating to keep getting the run around.

Why to Work from Home

Though it may sound possible, work at home businesses are not necessarily for everyone. Some people thrive on working in a stressful environment. They enjoy being told exactly what to do every minute of the work day and like to know that their supervisor is the one who is truly in charge of everything. Independent-minded people, however, thrive when a real work at home business opportunity becomes available. They like knowing that they have the freedom to work at their own pace and that they have an unlimited earning potential once they have rolled out their small business plan.

Some believe that the only people who long to work at home are those who have children. While work at home businesses can be ideal for those who have young children at home, they can be just as perfect for someone who has no children. A work at home business opportunity gives you the ability to be able to earn a much higher wage (much higher income potential) than what is offered in your current job, whether you live in a remote town or in the bright lights of the big cities, can remove a large amount of stress from your day.

What Corporate American Does

When you work in corporate America, you are giving up a lot of your time and as a result you are impacting the quality of your life significantly. We no longer live in a time where you can work 40 hours a week and earn enough to support yourself and your family. Now, if you want to be able to get ahead of your debt with the hope of breaking even, you need to commit a minimum of 60 hours of office time, and should plan on spending an unlimited amount of time working from home on your projects as well. When you create a small business plan and become your own boss, you are the one in charge of controlling how much you earn and how much you work. Many who work at home eventually experience the balanced life which includes time with the family, friends, exercising and doing all the things they enjoy most; while Corporate America exhausts itself. Although it can be hard to believe, work at home jobs do exist, and they can be the answer that you are searching for, allowing you to quit your stressful corporate job and to live the life you want on your terms.


To Your Future,

Sandra MacDonald

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